Sunday, September 27, 2009

So I've been married for almost three months and my husband didn't even know I had a blog...prolly cause I haven't written on it for over two years! How pathetic is that?!!! But someday when we have a bunch of kids I'll have something to write about...

Monday, November 19, 2007

on the set

So here I am on the set to this movie, called "The Jerk Theory" half exhausted half bored... I'm either running around a million miles a minute or standing guard next to the director&director of photography waiting to fix something in any given scene. I'm the art department intern... So sorta a gopher girl if you will... I didn't realize I could blog on my blackberry. All this wasted time... I just wish I had a camera to help me out, blogging is so much more fun when there's pics! Especially ones of movie stars on the set of a hollywood movie. My brother wrote the script and is producing it, that's where my hook-up comes from. Today were on location at Thanksgiving Point, the dinasour museum and petting zoo, it's been a long day for these little peeps... SAG (screen actors guild) allows the actors to work 12 hour days... We started at 11 a.m. So that means I'll be here til past midnight... My little sisters are excited about their first film! My boss is pretty cool, he's the art director, so we're doing props, set dressing, etc. So so so much fun! I'm learning a million different new things daily. This is a whole new world for me, I could totally be into doing this... The whole crew is amazing... There are about 30 people behind the camera... Isn't that amazing, and this is low budget... I can't imagine what the real multi-million dollar films in Hollywood would be like!

Friday, October 19, 2007

my new favorite treat!

Okay this is by far the best thing ever! Simple oreo cookies, slightly melted, cut up into bit size bits, and topped with creamy peanut butter! The best part about it is that I couldn't even eat it tonight. I'm in the middle of a little organic cleanse, and i feel great, but my friend here... loves sweets... I love being a gracious hostess!

I forgot how easy and fun blogging can be... I really should do it more often

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I have done toooo many fun things since the last time I blogged... I don't know where to start

So I guess I'll just start with the one thing that I think is so way dang cool.... and that is jumping off this damn... the highest bungy jumping in the world is in southern switzerland and it's 700 feet off the ground... when I was there almost 2 months ago I got to jump off it! It was by far the funnest thing I have ever, ever, ever done! I would recommend it to everyone I know!!! In the next few days I will hopefully have some time to add more pics from the trip... i told laur that I would blog tonight and therefore I am at least starting with this. PS if you want to see this in action just watch this first scene from James Bond Golden Eye... he does the same jump

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

it's freezing, but that's okay

I just wanted to say that it hasn't gotten above frezzing for about ten days, which is some kind of record. But that is okay cause I will be spending a week in the sun, on a boat, with my friends, in the Carribbean! That makes everything okay right....I am so excited. I am pretty much checked out of school for now, I can't get my brain to think about this school stuff, I just need a break. I am already behind and plan on spending all semester catching up. Does that even make sense, one week of nonconcetration, one week of fun, and three months of catch up?

i love art of all kinds

This is pretty random to post but i enjoyed my Zuihistu writing assignment and just wanted to say a little of where my mind goes when i think about art. I think the think that I like most about the painting is that there is just one color in the whole background. This neutral color space makes me think of paintings by Mark Rothko. Mark Rothko used several different tones of similar colors in his paintings but that is beside the point. I have a poster of one of his REDs hanging above my bed. I love the feeling of simplicity that it give off and I think that is why I can relate to this persimmons one. I love simple things. Okay well actually I love lots of different kinds of things.

I think I read somewhere that this painting symbolized perfect proportions or perfection in a way. I think that this would relate to how things can be perfect differently. Each of the pieces are different shapes slightly, in different positions and placed in an arrangement that seems to be random. They are the same fruit but are portrayed differently. I would like to relate that to people. We are all children of God, each fruit in the painting is a persimmon, also related to that is what I said earlier about how I think they were all painted with the same color of paint, we are all created by God. We are of different races all around the world but are created out of the same stuff by the same God. The fruits are different colors. The fruit is placed seemingly randomly, yet each is in the correct place to suggest harmony and perfection even if we don’t know it. Some of us know the purpose of life, like some of us know they are in perfect harmony with each other. Even though the human race seems to be mixed up and out of order that that certain people are in places unjust, we each have purpose where we are placed. We are to learn certain things about life where we are. The relationship that the fruit have one to another is interesting to me too, they are grouped, one is alone, two are together, and the third group has three. I don’t know what that could mean but I like the way it looks. I also really enjoy how the bulk of the painting is in the bottom middle section. I feel like it is as it should be. We are very far from what is above us and seem to be unconnected to what lays ahead or even above. We are here in existence and at times we feel unconnected to anyone or anything, like the bottom persimmon. Sometimes we are connected to just one other person or a few, but unless we step out side of the painting we don’t seem to be connected to a greater anything. I think that relates to having an eternal perspective. I like that even though the fruit is depicted with nothing else in the painting, they are grouped together. I would like to think of that as symbolizing the family of God being united. I think Heavenly Father would be happier with His children if we stuck together more often. I think of the times in the scriptures where it says that God wept, and it is often because of the way we aren’t loyal to our brothers and sister here on earth and treating them with love. As I look at the persimmons I feel like they are united, like they at least know each other is there vulnerably posing as well. I don’t think this painting is bare at all. I think there is a lot going on. I don’t know what it is about the color that I like so much, I feel like I want to hang it in my house. You know the type of artwork that you love to learn about but would hate on your wall in your personal space? Well this isn’t it. I love that as I have studied art I have grown to love all these random pieces and don’t even go together but that I would love to surround myself with. This painting is comfortable and inviting, seems simple on the surface but can really teach a lot. Things like that in general I love. I should have known I would like this painting form the beginning. Like gospel topics that seems simple like faith. Yet we are called to learn more about faith every day of our lives. The crazy thing is that as I learn more about faith I realize that it isn’t simple at all. I love stuff like that.

Whoa that was random and I kind of rambled but maybe at least Heid will read it, sometimes i get carried away and things end up not making sense, oops

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My silly parents

okay, biggest dorks on halloween, right!

Monday, October 23, 2006


My new Favorite CD

This Joshua Radin is amazing. The whole CD is great but my favorites are 'today', 'only you', and 'someone else's life'. My friend burned me this cd last weekend and I fell in love, you guys gotta check it out!

You can get it on itnues or check out his website