Monday, November 19, 2007

on the set

So here I am on the set to this movie, called "The Jerk Theory" half exhausted half bored... I'm either running around a million miles a minute or standing guard next to the director&director of photography waiting to fix something in any given scene. I'm the art department intern... So sorta a gopher girl if you will... I didn't realize I could blog on my blackberry. All this wasted time... I just wish I had a camera to help me out, blogging is so much more fun when there's pics! Especially ones of movie stars on the set of a hollywood movie. My brother wrote the script and is producing it, that's where my hook-up comes from. Today were on location at Thanksgiving Point, the dinasour museum and petting zoo, it's been a long day for these little peeps... SAG (screen actors guild) allows the actors to work 12 hour days... We started at 11 a.m. So that means I'll be here til past midnight... My little sisters are excited about their first film! My boss is pretty cool, he's the art director, so we're doing props, set dressing, etc. So so so much fun! I'm learning a million different new things daily. This is a whole new world for me, I could totally be into doing this... The whole crew is amazing... There are about 30 people behind the camera... Isn't that amazing, and this is low budget... I can't imagine what the real multi-million dollar films in Hollywood would be like!