Saturday, October 28, 2006

My silly parents

okay, biggest dorks on halloween, right!

Monday, October 23, 2006


My new Favorite CD

This Joshua Radin is amazing. The whole CD is great but my favorites are 'today', 'only you', and 'someone else's life'. My friend burned me this cd last weekend and I fell in love, you guys gotta check it out!

You can get it on itnues or check out his website

Monday, October 16, 2006

I love BYU!

I am at the best school in the world! I am so happy to be here at BYU. It's so much fun! I am taking kind of a full load, 18 hours and I'm not as focused as I could and should be. I am taking fun classes though, like architecture and Italian but still it doesn't help my grades just cause it's fun. I got a 76 on my last Italian quiz...and I am trying, some things just don't enter my brain...I don't know why I always try things that are exactly opposite from what my brain wants, or knows how to deal with. I guess I just like a challenge (maybe I shouldn't mess with my GPA for silly challenges). Oh well C's get degrees too, my brother-in-law always says. I'm not much for mediocrity though.

I got a pass at Gold's gym! I am so excited about it, I went five days last week!!!! I am so proud of myself. I gotta get started cause I'm going on a cruise in January, and I'd like to run a marathon next spring.

Last weekend I went to an art exhibit that completely inspired me. I love art, but sometimes I just forget that I really feel the need to make it! I am studying arthistory but think I should still be studying art. And sweet Heid agrees with me, we don't know why I'm studying art history?!!!

I want to get a degree fast is the bottom line!!! But then half of me says that I'll be so mad if I'm thirty and not married and I never went to medical school, so maybe i'll just switch my major to chemistry.... Anything can happen I guess.

It has been my goal lately to just crush on someone. I just wasn't seeing cute boys that i had fun with and the only guy I've like in the past three years is a butt and I was worried that I wouldn't like someone as much...but no worries there are cute boys everywhere it's all about attitude right! oh speaking of of my roommates met this guy almost two weeks ago, she had a crush, they started hanging out for like ten days, then he took her to arizona to meet his parents and last night he gave her a ring...they are engaged having known eachother TWO FREAKEN WEEKS! That is scary, but whatev, haven't talked to her yet, we shall see.